Completing Registration Procedure for Internal Scholarships: Student Login
  User Guide How to use the service
  Click here to view/download the rules and regulations
  Student batch 22/23, completing registration will be only on the Institution/University of the student. No need to complete the registration in the Ministry website.

Ensure that the below documents are available before you begin the registration process

Required Documents: Passport Size Photo
Additional Documents: Copy of Social Security card (For Social Security)
All files must be (pdf, jpg) format, and must not exceed the file size 2MB
For any technical clarifications on e-services, please email us at
Steps on how to use this service
• If you are a student who has been accepted for Internal
scholarship, then you can complete the registration procedure by logging in to this service.
• Enter your ID No, Birth Date and Mobile(that is registered in HEAC) to login.
• Please view/download the user manual for reference